Baby Diapers Machinery
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Basic Production Line For Baby Diapers.

Main functions and features:

It have collected advantage from domestic and abroad in same line the technological process is
one straight line production, quick, convenient, and easy management.
The function is complete, it can produce diaper of economic type and high quality, it can
produce three types of products(L,M,S),if you change a few small parts, it is very easy to do so.
The designing is advanced, the power and noise are lower. The shape is graceful.
The main machine adopts fiber aggregate device to apply fiber at a contend amount .The
thickness can be adjusted and the waste can be recycled.
Wrap fluff pulp with water-absorbing paper press model with net, the cotton core will not be
broken and shifted.
Material for stereo shield is shaped by cutting and hot Press on the equipment. It adheres to
elastic ribbon to be formed for side leakage proof.
It with frontal waist tape.
After the arc on side is shaped, it will fold the wings and make a three-folding in lengthwise way,
The diaper pads will be put out in order and easy for packing.
SAP may be applied at a contend amount and in the designed locations or may be applied in a
mixing way.
The key parts of equipment are made of special material, the main standard electrical
appliances are famous-brand products of domestic and abroad. The lifetime of the equipment is
guaranteed. Parameters:
1. Type:
BUC Baby Diapers Machine
2. production output:80-150 pieces/min
3. Installed capacity:40KW(380V 50Hz)
4. Overall dimension:15m*1.9m*2.7m(length*width*height)
5. Total weight:17T
6. Equipment specification:(length*width)
S:380 x 270mm M:450 x 310mm L:515 x 330mm XL:540 x 340 mm

Optional Device
1. Automatic and half-automatic material inception device and tension control device.
2. PLC which can help draw up working procedure.
3. Automatic position-limit adjusting device which can inspect quality ,do calculation and reject
wasters by using photo-electrical cells. (Materials can be adjusted lengthways.)
4. Touch screen with which you can communicate with the machine.
5. The thermal-sealing cutter box can be by cylinder.
6. Counter.

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